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Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct at Potchefstroom Central School is based on a few essential principles:

Respect myself:

By striving to realize my talents and having pride in my thoughts, actions and dress.

Respect others

By being polite, considerate and helpful at all times, giving others an opportunity to reach their full potential in school life and encouraging those who are weaker by giving them assistance and support.

Respect the environment:

By consciously caring for and protecting my natural surroundings.

Accept responsibility:

By completing whatever tasks have been set for me and recognizing that with every responsibility comes accountability.

School rules are clearly set out together with disciplinary procedures covering all aspects of school life governed by the few principles stated above. Misdemeanours range from minor offences through to serious offences and major offences and cover such behaviour as grooming, general behaviour, theft, offensive materials, punctuality and substance abuse.

The purpose of any disciplinary procedure that is applied to learners, who violate the Code of Conduct, is to rehabilitate unacceptable behaviour rather than punish the offender.